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AIDAcara - AIDA Cruises - cruise ship review & photos

As the world's most popular cruise areas become congested, cruise lines are anxiously on the lookout for new destinations. Asia, Australia and South America are all on the rise, but the most publicized new homeport is without doubt Dubai. One of the first ships that called the Arabian peninsula home this past winter was AIDAcara, one of the German 'club ships' that cater to a more youthful, active crowd.

So, what to expect from a cruise in the Persian Gulf? Flying over Iraq, sailing close to Iran and with Saudi Arabia on the horizon, our voyage on AIDAcara was unlike any other cruise. Like an oasis of tranquility in a war-prone area, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Oman turned out to perfect getaways to spend a wintry week offering an insight to a rich and vibrant culture.

To add to the culture clash, we choose AIDAcara for our week in Arabia. This all-German 'club ship' offers a cruise concept that is a complete departure from the traditional, including a seamless air/sea arrangement and buffet-only dining. So, let's fly to Dubai and discover the unexpected!

Cruise Line: AIDA Cruises
Year built: 1996
Rebuilt: 2005
Building Yard: Kvaerner MASA Yards, FI
Gross Tonnage: 38,531
Length: 193.3 m (634.1 ft)
Beam: 27.6 m (90.5 ft)
Passengers (norm.): 1,186
Passengers (max): 1,230
Crew: 360
Service speed: 21.0 knots

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AIDAcara docked at Dubai
Here's looking at you...
AIDAcara docked at Fujairah, UAE


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First published on March 3, 2007

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