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  A Day at Sea





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After all the sights and sounds of Italy, a relaxed day at sea is just what the cruise doctor ordered. It is on sea days that the true spirit of a cruise ship shows. On Silver Wind, the day starts at a decent hour with a discreet ring of our suite door bell. At the exact time specified on our breakfast order George, who also happens to be our favorite waiter in the dining room, wishes us good morning and starts setting the balcony table. He pours the coffee, arranges the fresh fruit and leaves us to have breakfast in peace with just the gentle sound of our ship moving through the bright blue the ocean. Ah...

Silver Wind wakes up gently on sea days. At nine, a few fanatic joggers can be seen running in circles on the upper deck and a lone sun seeker is catching some morning rays on the pool deck. Inside, a freshly baked Danish pastry and a cup of coffee are available until eleven in the Panorama Lounge. In complete contrast, The Restaurant serves an elaborate a la carte breakfast. However, most guests head up to the Terrace Café, where breakfast, lunch and the occasional dinner are served in a more casual atmosphere. The choice at breakfast is enormous. Eggs, pancakes and waffles are made to order and there is an abundance of fresh fruit, readily peeled, cut and neatly arranged on large silver plates. Too bad the fresh fruit offerings decreased towards the end of the cruise as apparently the ship's stores ran empty. Oh, and while I am at it: in my opinion real fruit juice should be available on a ship like this.

An elaborate breakfast served on our private veranda
A quiet place in the sun

In true Silversea style, waiters will carry your plate to the table of your choice and take your order for any cooked items. True to its name, the Terrace Café also boasts a delightful alfresco dining area with six large teak wooden tables, beautifully set with linen place mats and silver cutlery. Many friendships are born here while lingering over a cappuccino.

After breakfast you might want to visit the ship's library. For a ship of this size it boasts an impressive collection of books, magazines and newspapers. The Library and adjoining Internet Point are very popular hangouts during our cruise. During specific hours, members of the Cruise Staff are available to sign out DVD's here, but if you really are in urge of a good movie at an unearthly hour, the 24-hour Reception Desk has a selection, too.

Concierge desk in the lobby on deck 6

At US$ 0.50 per minute, charges for using the Internet on board are very reasonable and it is very refreshing to see you are only charged for the actual transfer of data - not the time spent looking at web pages. After saying hello to the friendly Reception staff, it may be time to head up to deck 7 for a visit to the on-board Spa. 

Run by Mandara (part of all-mighty Steiner Leisure), the spa on Silver Wind has recently been rebuilt en now features a dedicated relaxation room, massage rooms and saunas. Charges are similar to other cruise lines. Apart from the Spa, Silver Wind boasts a separate beauty salon and hairdressing salon, while fitness fans will be very pleased with the brand new, glass-walled Gymnasium up on deck 8.

Outdoor seating at the Terrace Café

Panorama Lounge

A friendly face at breakfast

Picture perfect

Panorama Lounge

Scrumptuous rolls at breakfast in the Terrace Café

Main stairtower

Fitness Centre
Fitness Centre


Relaxation area


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