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Amsterdam - Ocean Spa, Lido Pool, Lido Restaurant

"Spa", "Sun", "Swim" are the S- words that sum up all that Amsterdam's Lido Deck has to offer. With two swimming pools, an extensive Gym and Spa, bars and a large casual restaurant, you may never want to leave this deck on a relaxing day at sea. Start your day in the Ocean Spa for a spin in the Gym or perhaps a relaxing massage with an ocean view.

The Lido Pool's glass roof ajar

Amidships is the spacious and bright Lido Deck that can be covered by an enormous sliding glass roof, an essential feature in the chilly waters of Scandinavia or Alaska. The Amsterdam's design team (Dutch VFD Design) should be commended for making the Lido an utterly delightful place to spend many hours, come rain or shine.

So, what is there to do at the Lido except seeing the sliding roof open ... and close? Well, there is the casual Terrace Grill section, offering burgers and fries at lunchtime. Ample padded lounge chairs are set up around the average sized swimming pool, wading pool and twin whirlpools. Then there is the giant chess set, but best is the fabulous Pool Bar, designed like a beachfront café with umbrellas and rattan chairs overlooking the main pool.

Artwork in the Lido Restaurant

From the Lido Pool, sets of automatic doors lead to the impressive Lido Restaurant. Featuring very original chairs and tables, this casual eatery open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and offers panoramic sea views through walls of glass. The self-service counters are all neatly grouped together in the center line of the room, with drink stations dotted around for thirsty souls.

The atmosphere of the Lido Restaurant is just right, cleverly avoiding the canteen feeling that is so apparent on many large cruise ships. There is even an alfresco dining area all the way aft on the open deck. Here, you'll find Amsterdam's other swimming pool, lots of lounge chairs and a cozy Pool Bar. And a sea breeze!

Lido Pool with magrodome half opened

The fabulous Pool Bar
Bears! Bears!
Pool Bar - a bit like a Riviera sidewalk café
Pool Bar
Aft swimming pool
Aft pool and sun (?) deck

Original artwork at the aft pool

Pool Bar with giant chess game

Ocean Spa & Gym
Entrance to the Lido Restaurant from the elevator lobby
Lido Restaurant
Lido Restaurant
Lido Restaurant
Cozy corner in the Lido Restaurant
Elevator lobby


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