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Amsterdam - Explorer's Lounge, Explorations Café, La Fontaine Dining Room

Apart from the La Fontaine Dining Room, Terrace Grill and Lido Café, Amsterdam has some more culinary surprises in store. Housed in a cavernous windowless amidships section of Promenade Deck is Holland America's much-applauded Pinnacle Grill, offering the best in premium steaks and seafood.

Karel Appel tapestry in the lobby

By adding an interior gallery, the design team have cleverly avoided the feeling of being closed in. Still, it is a pity that the best food on board is served in a room without sea views. Dining at the Pinnacle Grill is available to all guests on a reservations-only basis. and costs approximately US$ 20 per person. Try it at least once during your cruise - you won't be disappointed! 

And should you wish to know how all these exquisite dishes are prepared, hop across the corridor to the Wajang Theater. At first glance, this is a regular seagoing cinema. But once the curtains open a complete professional kitchen is revealed; the stage for Holland America's Culinary Arts Theater.

The "Planeto Astrolabium" - taking up all space in the Atrium

Looking a bit misplaced in between the antique artifacts and dark colors is the modern, trendy Wine Bar, the place to go for that before-dinner drink or to participate in any of the wine tasting sessions. And if all this wine makes you forget all about time, just hop over to that monstrous Astrolabe taking up all available space in the Atrium. 

For a breathe of fresh air, Lower Promenade Deck offers a wrap-around teak walkway that comes complete with steamer chairs and glorious sea views. It is here that we say goodbye to Amsterdam, a "modern classic" that is small enough to feel cozy, but large enough to have all the amenities you would expect on the flagship of the Holland America fleet.

Gallery between Pinnacle Grill and Wajang Theater

Pinnacle Grill
Pinnacle Grill
Pinnacle Grill
Wine Tasting Bar
Atrium with Astrolabe

Three-deck high Atrium

Culinary Arts Theater @ the Wajang Theater

Culinary Arts Theater @ the Wajang Theater
A professional demonstration kitchen
Front Office and Shore Excursions Desk
Wonderful wrap-around teak Promenade with old-fashioned steamer chairs
A touch of class
Wonderful wrap-around Promenade


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