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   Kungsholm as Mona Lisa at Bergen, Norway on August 23, 2009. Photo © Ricardo Fernandes
Facts & Figures - Time Line - Photo Gallery
Owner/Operator:Swedish America Line
Year built:1966
Year broken up:2015
Builder:John Brown & Co, Clydebank, UK
Gross Tonnage:26,678
Length:201.2 m (660.2 ft)
Beam:26.6 m (87.1 ft)
Passengers (normal):713
Passengers (maximum):713
Service speed:21.0 kn
Sister Ships:-
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Time Line
November, 2015Arrival at Alang, India and broken up
October 26, 2010Mona Lisa arrives in Oman where she is renamed Veronica and spends her final years are hotel ship in the port of Duqm
2010Plans to use the ship as floating hotel in Göteborg and later Stockholm are abondoned
Jan-March, 2010Used as hotel ship in Squamish, Canada during the Winter Olympics
2008-2010Various stints for Japanese Peace Boat and German Lord Nelson Seereisen
April, 2008Renamed Mona Lisa and put into service for German operator Lord Nelson Seereisen
April, 2007Renamed Oceanic II. Mediterranean cruises for Louis Hellenic Cruises, later for Pullmantur
September, 2006After the bankruptcy of Holiday Kreuzfahrten, Mona Lisa is laid up
December, 2002Chartered to Leonardo Shipping, Nassau and renamed Mona Lisa for German operator Holiday Kreuzfahrten
April, 1995Renamed Victoria
1982The ship receives additional passenger cabins. New passenger capacity: 847 in 389 cabins
February 16, 1979First cruise as Sea Princess for P&O Cruises. Passenger capacity: 750
September, 1978Sold to P&O Cruises and rebuilt by Bremer Vulkan, Germany
October, 1975Sold to Flagship Cruises, Monrovia who operated Kungsholm on cruises from New York
April 22, 1966Maiden trip on liner service from Göteborg to New York for Swedish America Line. Passenger capacity: 108 First Class, 605 Tourist Class. During cruises the ship operated as one-class for 450 passengers
April 14, 1965Launch of Kungsholm
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Photo Gallery
. Christian Sund, Greenland Christian Sund, Greenland Gdynia , Poland
. © 2010 Kees van Garderen © 2010 Kees van Garderen © 2010 Wlodzimierz Kociecki
Bergen, Norway Bergen, Norway IJmuiden, Netherlands IJmuiden, Netherlands
© 2009 Håkan Nilsson © 2009 Ricardo Fernandes © 2009 Jan Ramaker © 2009 Jan Ramaker
Gdynia, Poland Piraeus, Greece Helsinki, Finland IJmuiden, Netherlands
© 2009 Wlodzimierz Kociecki © 2008 Tom Paech © 2008 Marko Laitamaa © 2008 Cees de Bijl
IJmuiden, Netherlands Cowes, Isle of Wight Lisbon, Portugal Rhodes, Greece
© 2008 Jan Ramaker © 2008 Mike Taplin © 2007 Luís Miguel Correira © 2007 Kees van Garderen
Rhodes, Greece Rhodes, Greece Rhodes, Greece IJmuiden, Netherlands
© 2007 Kees van Garderen © 2007 Kees van Garderen © 2007 Bert Pellegrom © 2006 Bart de Boer
IJmuiden, Netherlands Dover, UK Mahón, Menorca Publicity Photo
© 2016 Bart de Boer © 2005 John Mavin © 2002 Brian Crocker © Swedish America Line
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