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Century, Celebrity Cruises - Michael's Club, Martini Bar, Fortunes Casino

The name says it all: Entertainment Deck is where you'll end up either before or after dinner. If you're into cocktails, you should head for Century's brand new Martini Bar with its trendy minimalist interior, constantly changing lighting and icy bar counter.

Priceless Picasso in Michael's Club

But first, Michael's Bar. Not a lampshade has been changed in Century's revitalization so Michael's Bar is still a haven of peace and quiet. When you are on board, check out the genuine Picasso over the fake fireplace - it is a must-see. With its tiny bar, overstuffed chairs and gentlemen's club atmosphere, this room has instant character.

In complete contrast to the old-world charm of Michael's Club, the trendy new Martini Bar next door has proven to be a popular addition to Century. Of course there's the much-talked about icy bar counter (highly overrated if you ask me). And then the ceiling lights change color constantly and make the room change atmosphere all the time. So don't worry if you see purple or green - it's not the Martini, it's design!

Passing the shops lining the Grand Foyer we arrive at Fortunes Casino. Here gamblers  compete to outshine the over-decorated room. With wild carpeting, wild lighting and an equally wild array of gambling equipment, it makes you wonder if it is at all possible to keep your attention to the game...

Michael's Club

Michael's Club
Martini Bar - pretty in pink
Martini Bar - cool green

Martini Bar

Michael's Club

Michael's Club
Fortunes Casino
Sunglasses recommended in Fortunes Casino


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First published on November 26, 2006

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