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Infinity cruise ship review with photos - Crossing the Pacific Ocean

I'll be honest. After seeing nothing but ocean for four days, I am looking forward to setting foot on land again. So when I wake up in the middle of the night and peek out of the window, it is quite exciting to see lights on the horizon. The next morning as I open the balcony door, Infinity has dropped anchor off the picture-perfect town of Lahaina, Maui. Aloha Hawaii!

Infinity as seen from the tender ... HUGE!

Our first Hawaiian port of call is a historic whalers town. Lahaina is the most popular tourist town on the island of Maui and perfect gateway to the island's sights. One of the best way to see the island is by helicopter and we were disappointed to find the ship's tour sold out by the time we got on board Infinity in LA. But we are determined to make the

most of our time in Maui and as soon as we arrive in Lahaina we make our way to the Visitor Center to find out the telephone numbers of some helicopter companies. And with success! We book an afternoon tour with Blue Hawaiian helicopters, the self-proclaimed 'Rolls Royce' of Hawaii helicopter companies.

But first, the beach! By taxi we venture to Ka'anapali Beach where we frolic in the waves and soak up some rays. A snack and a Coke later our friendly taxi driver picks us up again for the drive to Kahului Airport. The 45-minute helicopter ride is simply awesome and well worth the US$ 200 per person. Seeing the volcanoes and beaches of Maui from high up in the air is unique and the commentary makes it all the more special. At the conclusion of our flight, our taxi brings us back to Lahaina where we find an long, long line of Infinity guests waiting for the security checkpoint.

The surf is up at Lahaina

Lahaina waterfront
The beach at Ka'anapali
The beach at Ka'anapali
Flying over Maui

Flying over Maui

Non-stop tender service to downtown Lahaina

Ka'anapali Beach
Taking to the air with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters
Flying over Maui
An endless queue to travel back to the ship
Back home on Infinity


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First published on May 6, 2007

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