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With her 14 passenger decks, her length of 1,132 feet and her 1,310 guest staterooms, Queen Mary 2 can best be described as an ocean-going city. Chances are that at first you will be completely disoriented trying to find your way around this gigantic structure. On many decks corridors seem to run as far as the eye can see and the odd stairwell is a welcoming sight. Cunard issues a handy deck plan to its passengers, but the only way to really get a grip on the design of the ship is remembering the lettering of the four main stairwells.  The main stairwells are named A to D and each is done in a different style.

Once you have got the stairwell thing under control, Queen Mary 2 will be yours to discover. To help you get around, the ship has 24 guest elevators to choose from and ship directories can be found everywhere, pointing out exactly where you are. Still, expect to do a lot of walking on this ship as public rooms are dispersed over several decks. But now, firmly holding the deck plan in hand, it is time to discover all that Queen Mary 2 has to offer. Off we go!

"B" Stairwell

"A" Stairwell

Ship directories are everywhere

"B" Stairwell on deck 2 with Samuel Cunard keeping an eye out

"A" Stairwell

Lower Grand Promenade


Beautiful "C" stairwell

One thing you would expect on a true ocean liner are open decks covered in wood. Queen Mary 2 does not disappoint, as all her outside decks are covered in teak, just like the old days. The result is stunning and the addition of teak lounge chairs make her open decks look really classy. Highlight is the wide wrap-around Promenade Deck, running for a third of a mile and the perfect place to settle in one of the steamer chairs with a book and a cup of coffee, seeing the world go by.  

Queen Mary 2 offers no less than five swimming pools. First, there is the indoor Hydrotherapy Pool as part of the Canyon Ranch Spa on deck 7. This pool is only accessible as part of a Spa treatment. Covered by a glass sliding roof, you will find The Pavilion up on deck 12. Featuring a bar area, a band stand, shower facilities and a fantastic view of the majestic funnel through the glass roof, The Pavilion will also be used in colder climes and will no doubt be a very popular hangout.

All the way up on deck 13, just aft of the main mast is the Splash Pool, consisting of a reasonable size pool and twin Jacuzzis plus a pool bar. Again, the expansive sun deck here is covered in teak wood and ample lounge chairs are available. Glass panels protect the area from the wind that can be blowing quite ferociously at this height if the ship is sailing at full speed. Further forward on deck 13 are two sports areas for deck tennis and basketball/volleyball plus a glassed-in observation gallery for those great windswept ocean vistas.

Down on deck 8 aft is QM2's main pool area, featuring a nicely sized swimming pool and two Jacuzzis, showers, a pool bar and band stand. Strangely, none of the pool areas on board open up to a casual Lido Restaurant as is usual on so many cruise ships. Instead, the extensive King's Court casual dining area is located amidships on deck 7. Finally, aft on deck 6 is the Minnows Pool for children, conveniently located next to the extensive children's facilities at the Play Zone.  

Artwork at The Pavilion

The Pavilion indoor/outdoor pool

Beautiful wrap-around Promenade Deck

Enormous Sun Deck on deck 12 aft
Main outdoor swimming pool on deck 8 aft
Splash Pool and Bar on deck 13 forward

The Pavilion

Helicopter deck on deck 13

Outside The Pavilion

Sundeck with Jacuzzi aft on deck 11
Endless rows of balconies
Promenade Deck looking aft


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