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With 12 stateroom categories, you will be able to find accommodation that suits both your needs and your budget on board Costa Allegra. From compact inside cabins to lavish Grand Suites overlooking the bow of the ship, all 410 staterooms have telephones, televisions, minibars and a choice of either two lower beds or one double bed, with foldaway upper berths for families available in some staterooms.

Guests board Costa Allegra on Lautrec Deck, where a spacious marble-clad 3-deck high lobby sets the tone for the rest of the vessel. With daylight streaming in through an oversized skylight high above, Costa Allegra feels welcoming and spacious right away. Adjacent to the Lobby is the Information Desk and Tour Office, with the aft red stair tower and elevators on the opposite side. A corridor leads forward past the intimate Chapel, a standard feature on all Costa ships.

Bathroom of a standard stateroom

With all decks named after impressionist painters, the design team went all out when decorating the stateroom corridors. Sporting oversized colorful murals, each deck has its own impressionist look. The same look returns in the staterooms, where draperies further accentuate the creativity of the design team, while at the same creating a feeling of intimacy.  

The liberal use of wood paneling gives even the smallest inside cabin a feeling of old-world charm, while the metal-trimmed portholes in the outside cabins add a modernistic touch. The result is very pleasing to the eye. Done in pink with a marble floor, the bathrooms of the standard cabins are compact but very well laid out and spotlessly clean. With inside cabins measuring approx. 146 sq. ft and standard outside cabins approx. 156 sq. ft., you will find enough room to stretch out. And the good thing about sailing on a smaller vessel is that Costa Allegra's public rooms and open decks are always just a couple of flights up.  

Aft stair tower

Atrium with glass sculpture
Outside stateroom
Outside double stateroom

Colorful cabin corridor

Artwork in the Lobby on Lautrec Deck

Inside 4-berth stateroom
Outside double stateroom
Inside 4-berth stateroom


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