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Cruise lines are usually very cautious in showing off their brand new babies at the shipyard. Even on day of delivery, most ships are still not 100% completed and yard workers can be seen putting the finishing touch to the vessel. I can image the folks at Fincantieri's Monfalcone shipyard must have raised an eyebrow when Carnival's marketing department decided to fly in 2,000 guests to the north Italian shipyard and start Carnival Liberty's first-ever cruise at the place where the ship was born. Knowing that their latest new build would be finished well in time, the yard agreed to the idea and on July 16, 2005 the sleepy town of Monfalcone was invaded by an army of coaches, delivering all guests to Carnival Liberty

With dozens of check-in desks set up in a temporary quayside structure, boarding was a relatively quick process and all too soon we were on board, gasping for breath at the sight of Carnival Liberty's mind-boggling atrium. Nine decks tall, The Garden Atrium is meant to dazzle the senses and is an excellent showcase of the talents of Carnival's resident interior designer Joe Farcus.

Focal point is the three-deck high central section with the inviting Flowers Lobby and Bar. It has lots of plastic flowers, the Photo Gallery, Information and Shore Excursions offices, plus a gigantic 20-foot chandelier that changes color before you can say "Fun"! With personal singing duo "Just the Two of Us" performing in front of the glass elevators, the area is filled with music and the atmosphere is at once upbeat, friendly and welcoming. Welcome Aboard! 

Central elevator bank

Fashion Boulevard
The Garden Atrium

Flower Lobby with the Flower Bar

Looking down The Garden Atirum to the Flowers Bar

Fashion Boulevard
Flowers Lobby with Shore Excursion Desk in the background
Flowers Lobby
Dazzling heights


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