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Ever since the introduction of their first purpose-built "Fun Ship" Tropicale in 1981, Carnival Cruise Lines have been emphasizing the generous size of their staterooms. Imagine the surprise when I enter cabin 7201, all the way forward on deck 7 and find a teeny-tiny bedroom. After the initial fight to get both my suitcase and myself in, the cozy cabin grows on me and after spending a night in that heavenly kind-sized bed with its crisp duvet I feel perfectly at home. There are more pleasant surprises though: the bathroom is of decent size and the towels actually do what they should do - dry. And within 10 feet of my cabin is a door leading to a delightful secluded open deck overlooking the bow of the ship. Still, cabin 7201 is considerably smaller than the advertised standard stateroom and is best suited for solo travelers. Like me!

Most of Carnival Liberty's standard state-rooms offer more space and even have a small sitting area. One step up, the outside verandah stateroom has the advantage of having a private balcony. For those guests willing to splurge, Carnival Liberty offers a choice of Mini-Suites and Suites which -like the staterooms- appear a little under-decorated. Which is remarkable given the extravagant look of the public rooms. If you ask me, interior designer Joe Farcus could have put some more fun into the cabins to bring them more in line with the look and feel of the rest of the vessel. Still, my cabin is spotless at all hours, intriguing towel animals appear on my bed every evening and a broad smile appears on the face of my charming cabin assistant as I run into her in the endless corridors early in the morning.  

Suite - cat. 11

Suite - cat. 11
Ocean View Stateroom - cat. 5 & 6
Ocean View Stateroom 7201 - cat. 6B

Bathroom - functional and reasonably spacious

Cabin corridor - with different art on each deck

Balcony Stateroom - cat. 8
Pool & Beach towel - 1 per person!
What's that sitting on my bed?


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