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The morning sun greets me as I get up early this Sunday morning and check out Carnival Liberty's open decks. Focal point is what I would call the "Sun Bowl", the ship's Main Pool Deck. Designed as an amphitheater, it grants all sun seekers a good view of the action. The actual pool is disappointingly small and is hidden from view by a raised "block" of Jacuzzis. A huge water slide is located all the way forward right next to the kid's pool. The design of the Pool Deck is very clever, with smaller terraces avoiding the usual clutter of lounge chairs. The raised areas also provide an excellent view of the oversized 270-square foot movie screen that hangs suspended above the main pool.

Here I am, sitting in one of the huge blue plastic swivel chairs with a cup of steaming coffee, watching the BBC News on the giant screen. Dubbed "Carnival's Seaside Theatre", this is a great innovation. The daily Carnival Capers shows you the daily schedule, ranging from Liberty's own Morning Show with Cruise Director John Heald to music videos and showings of  "Finding Nemo" and even "Titanic". And what can be better to venture out on deck late at night, relax in a lounge chair, drink in hand and watch a blockbuster movie?  

There is another pool area aft on deck Lido Deck. Called the Versailles Lido, it features a colorful patio with a giant sliding glass roof over a small pool and twin Jacuzzis. Pizzas and ice cream are served 24 hours a day here. And even though the pool closes at 10:00 PM and the whirlpools are emptied at Midnight, the adjacent pool bar remains open until *very* late!    

Early morning

Looking forward from the giant screen
Tivoli Pool with Carnival's Seaside Theatre
Deck space galore

Versailles Lido

All is ready for another sunny day!

Kid's Sun Deck
Versailles Pool with sliding glass roof
Versailles Pool
Tivoli Bar


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