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Queen Victoria - Cunard Line - cruise ship review and photos

One of my favorite rooms on Queen Victoria is the exquisite Chart Room. Located near the entrance of the lower level of the Britannia Dining Room, it is a natural meeting place either before or after dinner.

Chart Room
Chart Room

The compasses incorporated in the carpeting and the murals depicting Cunard ships of yesteryear all add up to the elegant ambiance of this room, with its comfortable seating groups and distinguished color scheme.

Chart Room Chart Room
Chart Room   Chart Room

A wide corridor separates the lounge area from a gorgeous gallery with display cases housing dozens of treasures from Cunard's venerable history. Exquisite lighting further adds to the charm of this fine room. This is as close as Queen Victoria gets to a real ocean liner!

Chart Room Chart Room
Chart Room   Chart Room displays

Next door to the Chart Room is the Café Carinthia, serving coffees and pastries. Overlooking the Grand Lobby, this charming café is ideal to order a steaming coffee after returning to the ship from a tiring day ashore.

Cafe Carinthia Cafe Carinthia
Café Carinthia   Café Carinthia

The small circular bar with a few intimate seating groups tucked away is very popular with the coffee crowd. But later in the day many people move one door down the hall.

Champagne Bar
Champagne Bar

Queen Victoria's Champagne Bar is small, very elegant, open to the Grand Lobby and is the perfect top-class area. The bar is inviting and the large mural of the original Queen Mary make this area all the more stylish.

Champagne Bar Champagne Bar
Champage Bar   Champagne Bar

The design team should be commended for creating three such attractive rooms that complement each other well.


No Cunard ship would be complete without a real library. Tradition dictates that the library is large, manned by a full-time librarian and has inviting seating groups. On Queen Victoria the designers went one step further and created a split level library. Connecting the two levels is a wonderful wooden circular staircase, which gives the room a distinct edge.

Library Library
Library   Library

The Library is chock-a-block with books and I was of course very pleased to discover the odd book about ocean liners. And should you wish to purchase a book: there is a bookshop as well! 


Hardly known in the UK, but all the more in the US, master chef Todd English became famous through his Boston eatery and first brought his signature dishes to the high seas in his restaurant on board Queen Mary 2.

Todd English Restaurant
Todd English Restaurant

On Queen Mary 2, Todd English occupies a prime position, but his kingdom is more humble on Queen Victoria. To create a feeling of intimacy, the design team has worked with curtains, making the restaurant look rather closed-in. With only a few window seats available, the food is the star attraction here.

Todd English Restaurant Todd English Restaurant
Todd English Restaurant    Todd English Restaurant

More Cunard history! Amidships on decks 2 and 3 are so-called "Cunardia" displays.

Cunardia Hales Trophy - Cunardia
Cunardia   Hales Trophy

On deck 2, the attractive display cases house  Cunard memorabilia, including photos, menu cards and even a replica of the Hales Trophy.  One deck higher, oversized posters depict the pleasures of vintage cruising.

Cunardia display
Cunardia display


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First published on February 10, 2008

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