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Rotterdam - Holland America Line - cruise ship review and photos

For many of my countrymen, Holland America Line is as Dutch as Rembrandt, Van Gogh, windmills, wooden shoes and Gouda cheese. Founded in 1873 to transport passengers and goods across the Atlantic Ocean, the line became famous across the world for their spotless, sturdy ocean liners. And many consider Holland America's  Nieuw Amsterdam of 1938 and Rotterdam of 1959 to be among the most beautiful passenger ships ever constructed.

Rotterdam at Warnemünde's Cruise Centre

Today Holland America Lines is still one of the oldest surviving passenger shipping lines, but the line saw its core business gradually change some 40 years ago when 'cruising' replaced 'crossing'. To better cope with the buoyant US cruise market, Holland America's head office later relocated to Seattle and the line essentially became an American cruise line.

In July of 2007, I set off for Copenhagen to join the line's Rotterdam for a short segment of the much-heralded North Sea Jazz Cruise. Sixth in line to bear the name Rotterdam, this ten-year old lady is in fact considered the flagship of the Holland America fleet.  

On the next pages, you will read about Jazz, coffee, gale force winds, rain and quirky Dutch details. Because one thing became clear during this short cruise: Holland America Line is still as Dutch as green pea soup!

Cruise Line:      Holland America Line
Built: 1997
Building Yard: Fincantieri, Italy
Gross Tonnage: 59,652  
Length: 234.0 m (777.5 ft
Beam: 32.2 m (105.8 ft)
Passengers (norm.): 1,318
Passengers (max): 1,668
Crew: 620
Service speed: 22.5 knots
Sister ships: Amsterdam
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Rotterdam at Warnemünde
Rotterdam in home port Rotterdam, Netherlands. Photo © Cees de Bijl
Rotterdam in her homeport of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Photo © Cees de Bijl
Rotterdam at her homeport of Rotterdam, Netherlands. Photo © Cees de Bijl

Photos of Rotterdam at Rotterdam © Cees de Bijl


All photos and text: © 2007 Bart de Boer - Photos of Rotterdam at Rotterdam © Cees de Bijl

First published on August 11, 2007

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