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Rotterdam - Holland America Line - cruise ship review and photos.

Summer seems far, far away as Rotterdam approaches the German seaside town of Warnemünde on a wet and windy Saturday in July. Only a week ago, hurricane force winds forced the ship to stay here overnight. Armed with umbrellas and a waterproof jacket we venture ashore later in the morning.

Pretty Rostock

Rotterdam is docked smack in the middle of Warnemünde, only a stone's throw away from the railway station. Tickets for the short train ride to Rostock are cheap - even if you elect to travel first class like we do. We hop on the first available double-decker, which leaves the station of Warnemünde with German precision. This is an interesting train ride, as you pass many reminders of the

days when this part of Germany was in fact the German Democratic Republic. After only 17 minutes (on the dot!) our train reaches Rostock Hauptbahnhof and we are on our way to the center of town. With its pastel-colored buildings and cobblestone streets, this former Hanseatic city is pretty and when the sun comes out we find a nice terrace where we order a cappuccino 'mit Sahne' (or two) and enjoy watching the colorful Saturday morning shopping crowd until it is time to walk back to the railway station through strangely deserted streets.

Rotterdam docked at Warnemünde

Back at Warnemünde we find out that this is a very charming seaside town with a gorgeous beach facing the Baltic Sea. Numerous pretty half-timbered houses make the town look almost Scandinavian. The many restaurants serve up freshly caught seafood and the atmosphere is distinctly 'beach resort'. Sadly, another violent downpour makes us rush back on board the Rotterdam.  

Rotterdam docked at Warnemünde

Warnemünde's top-notch Cruise Center
The center of Warnemünde is a stone's throw away from the ship
Warnemünde waterfront
Warnemünde's cobblestone streets
Main Street in Warnemünde
Half-timbered houses in Warnemünde

Neuer Markt, Rostock

Neuer Markt, Rostock
Neuer Markt, Rostock
Kröpeliner Strasse, Rostock
Warnemünde beach
Warnemünde lighthouse
Warnemünde Cruise Center


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First published on August 11, 2007

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