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From the port of Cadiz, the magical city of Seville is a mere 100-minute coach ride away. Driving through gently rolling "Sherry Country" passing the odd roadside black bull, Seville shows itself from its prettiest side as we arrive there on a sunny Monday morning.

Seville, capital of the province of Andalusia, became the center of attention in the 16th century when shiploads of gold from the Americas were brought ashore here, easily making the city one of the richest in Spain. Today, Seville's turbulent past results in an eclectic mix of styles and cultures, culminating in the amazing 12th century Cathedral, housing some of Spain's most spectacular treasures. Towering over Seville's historic district is the distinct La Giralda, the cathedral's bell tower. Originally a Moorish minaret, it was later turned into a Christian landmark but the eclectic Arab inscriptions can still be admired to this day. Inside the huge Cathedral, there is marble and gold everywhere you look. The 15th century altar is of jaw-dropping proportions and took 82 years to make. The choir's exquisite wood carvings, the pink marble base of the organ and the giant tomb of  Christopher Columbus are all reasons in itself to come to Seville..

Directly across from the Cathedral is the pretty Plaza Virgen de los Reyes, lined with orange trees. Further down the road you wander into the Santa Cruz district. This old part of town is like a maze of alleys full of little shops, bars and crowded coffee houses. Here, in the middle of Seville, a Cafe Cortado (espresso with a dash of milk) costs only € 0,80 when ordered at the bar.

Just outside the city center is the Parque Maria Luisa, site of the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929. Dotted across this glamorous park-like district are the often eccentric pavilions of most Latin-American countries, centered around the huge Plaza de España and its impressive semi-circular building. Alas, all too soon it is time for us to head back to Cadiz and our home away from home, Regatta. Needless to say, Seville has made a lasting impression on us and we make a solemn promise to return to this beautiful city soon.


At Plaza de Espana

Terraces everywhere

Plaza de Espana

In the Old Town


Priceless artifacts

La Giralda towers over the Old Town

Altar at Seville Cathedral

In the Old Town
Alfresco dining


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First published on November 24, 2003