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Ever danced to the sounds of Britney Spears while hovering 150 feet over the ocean? One of the design highlights of Golden Princess and her sisters is the incomparable Skywalkers Nightclub, accessible by glass enclosed moving walkway from deck 17. Sporting a space-age theme, the multi-level room is ingeniously divided into several smaller areas for sitting, dancing and even talking. There is a bar on one side, and floor-to-ceiling panorama windows make for an unforgettable view over land and water. But it is at night that Skywalkers really comes to life with a dazzling array of sound and light effects. On our short cruise, the room was packed every night!

Moving down from Skywalkers by foot (the moving walkway only goes up...), we pass the stern section of deck 16 - Sports Deck. Here, you will find a spacious sun deck with twin jacuzzis and an outdoor bar overlooking the stern, with both shuffle board and giant chess available. It is not possible to walk all the way forward on this deck, but by going down to deck 15 and going up one deck again forward, we reach the bow section of deck 16, which hosts more open-air features.

Looking forward

What to think of Fun Zone, the large children's facility of Golden Princess. With it's charming open deck, whale-shaped kiddies pool, slides and lots of toys, this is Kid's Open-air Wonderland. A jogging track and full-sized tennis court with panoramic views will keep the adults busy on Golden Princess' top deck..

One deck lower, we find ourselves in the large Lotus Spa. It features an expansive Beauty Parlor, Gym and Aerobics studios, and numerous massage rooms. As far as the Gymnasium goes, I was intrigued by the advertised "Arm Curl Life Fitness Circuit" - wonder what your arms will look like when you're done with that...

Horizon Court

Horizon Court, Golden Princess' 24-hour casual eatery, is designed in the way we know from earlier Princess vessels. With its pleasant pastel looks, wood accents and views galore through a wall of windows, the Horizon Court is a very popular place. At peak meal hours, expect some lines and congestion though. 

The middle section of the room features two free-flow buffet sections which can become quite crowded. However, we never had any problems finding a seat. All the way, there's more seating available, with a wonderful open deck area thrown in for good measure. How clever to design the Horizon Terrace in the shade of the Skywalker Nightclub, with the Outrigger open air bar conveniently located at an arm's length. Brilliant - there is no other word for it! The food served in the Horizon Court during our cruise was fine. I loved the extensive salad bar at lunchtime, but most hot entrees seemed on the lukewarm side and the choice of items was not very adventurous. Grilled chicken, sweet & sour pork, a pasta dish - the standard fare. Food, coffee (of the very transparent kind) and tea are available at the Horizon Court 24 hours a day, but too bad Princess doesn't offer ice water or fruit punch during lunch hours.

Skywalkers seen from below

Skywalkers Nightclub

Walkway to Skywalkers Nightclub
Horizon Court
Horizon Court

Aft decks with walkway to Skywalkers

View from Skywalkers Nightclub

Center Court, for tennis, basketball & volleyball
Lotus Spa Gym

Voyage of Discovery - arcade games galore

Horizon Court
Horizon Court


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