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It's about time to have a look at the sleeping quarters on board Golden Princess. With a whopping maximum passenger capacity of a 3,100 (normal capacity is 2,600), she has 1,300 cabins in all sorts and shapes. From inside cabins to the most elaborate of Grand Suites. Plus 1,100 crew members to look after all guests of this floating city. With 4 full decks of private balconies, 80% of all outside cabins have a private verandah, so you're never far away from a refreshing sea breeze.

Princess has long been known for providing little extras when it comes to stateroom comfort. They hand out bathrobes, petit fours on embarkation, excel in on-board television programming, and have the most unobtrusive cabin attendants in the premium market. The design of the cabins is quite different from other lines and extra attention is given to the amount of wardrobe space. From the cheapest of inside cabins to the extravagant Grand Suite - there are always enough shelves, hangers and drawers.

Bathroom in standard double cabin

We were staying in a standard outside cabin (E106) in the DD category, which came fully equipped with everything we could possibly wish for. The standard inside cabin is designed in a similar way, with on open walk-in closet that serves as a mini-hallway to the bathroom. Having previously praised the large bathroom on the line's Dawn Princess, I was

somewhat surprised to find the bathroom on Golden Princess considerably smaller. That said, virtually all cabins can be set up as either twins or doubles and are equipped with refrigerator, hair dryer and remote controlled TV. Lighting is excellent, with dimmers on the nightlights, and main switches at both lower beds. The balcony cabins are basically similar to the outside cabins, but have the added bonus of sliding glass doors and a verandah. Mini-Suites are somewhat roomier and have a larger balcony.

Grand Suite dining area

Next in line are the Penthouse Suites on Caribe Deck (10). These are really wonderful and come highly recommended! Apart from a semi-separate sitting area, these suites have a huge bathroom with marble tub and separate shower stall and toilet. The balconies have teak furniture (but not teak flooring), and the attention to detail is really surprising.

But what makes all these cabins and Suites look simple (huh!) is the sumptuous Grand Suite, a one-of-a-kind accommodation all the way aft on Baja Deck 11. Featuring a queen-size bed in a roomy separate bedroom with an exquisite adjoining bathroom, the Grand Suite also features a huge sitting room in a very elegant wood trimmed style. It just doesn't get any more luxurious than this, although we noticed some gentle shivering of the ship due to its aft location. With so many cabin grades, Golden Princess offers something for everyone - from nicely equipped inside cabins to the most elaborate of suites.

Cabin corridor

Outside double

Penthouse Suite
Grand Suite living room

Grand Suite balcony

Outside Double

Penthouse Suite
Penthouse Suite
Inside double

Outside double with private balcony


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