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Radiance of the Seas - At Sea

After yesterday's chaotic start to the cruise, things look decidedly friendlier today. Radiance of the Seas is racing towards Cabo San Lucas through calm seas at an incredible 24 knots without so much as a sound. Although the sun has not shown its face yet, we have breakfast on the open deck aft of the Windjammer, which will soon turn into our favorite spot during this cruise. After breakfast, we visit the Shipshape Spa and decide to sign up for an Exotic Thermal Spa pass, which grants you unlimited access to the fragrant steam rooms, dry saunas and delightful relaxation area forward on deck 11 for the duration of the cruise. With the Solarium pool and Jacuzzi literally around the corner, we find it a wonderful way to end many sea days.

Soon after our first thermal spa session, Janneke leaves for the cabin feeling rather ill. A visit to Doctor Carlos in the Medical Center on deck 2 reveals that she has a very high fever and consequently she is given medication and has to stay in the cabin. Naturally, that dampens the rest of our day. We take turns in visiting the patient who lies shivering in piles of blankets, with gallons of Evian and a tray of salty crackers provided by her cabin steward. It's really a shame that she has to miss out on today's events. First, the sun comes out in full glory, warming the outside decks of Radiance of the Seas. And secondly, it's time to dress up as tonight is the first of two formal nights. 

Looking stunning (if we say so ourselves), Adrie, Lucy, Ilona and myself are photographed with the Captain at the entrance to the Colony Club. Later Captain Kent Ringborn is officially introduced by our Cruise Director Randy Coutts, and shocks friend and foe by singing on this Cocktail Party in his honor. Adrie leaves us directly after the Captain's Cocktail Party to check on Janneke's condition, which turns out to be rather worrisome. The two of them end up spending more time in the Medical Center. While Radiance is still making a good 24 knots, Ilona, Lucy and myself decide to give the Spotlight Cabaret starring "Alan and Shane" in the Aurora Theater a miss. Instead, we walk the open decks in the warm evening breeze and visit our unfortunate patient as soon as she has returned from the good care of Dr. Carlos.

Lucy and Bart having breakfast in the fresh morning air

No children ... yet

Adrie catching some rays at the Seaview Café
Picture-perfect end to our first sea day
Lucy, Bart, Ilona and Adrie at the Captain's Cocktail Party


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