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Radiance of the Seas - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Due to our late departure from San Diego, our arrival time at Cabo San Lucas has been delayed by an hour or so to 11:30 AM, so we have ample time to enjoy an extensive breakfast on the Windjammer aft deck, where -much to my delight- Janneke and Adrie both show up to join us. Although Janneke does not feel all too well, she has firmly decided not to miss out on Cabo San Lucas today.

Slowly but surely the barren coast of the Baja peninsula appears on the horizon, and we stand on deck in the warm sunshine to see how Radiance of the Seas slows down, passes the famous Los Arcos rock formation and positions itself in full view of the town of Cabo San Lucas. It's HOT as Ilona scores the coveted nr. 2 tender tickets, which means we will be off the ship relatively soon. By 12:00 noon an announcement is made that we can debark, and deep down on deck 1 we jump on one of the hi-tech tenders. We leave our massive floating home behind and step ashore at Cabo a few minutes later. A friendly taxi driver brings us to the beach of Santa Maria, located some 20 minute's drive from the center of Cabo. Here we rent a few umbrellas and intend to enjoy the beach life. 

Adrie and Ilona tendering ashore

Radiance of the Seas anchored off Cabo San Lucas

Radiance of the Seas anchored off Cabo San Lucas

After a couple of hours in the burning sun on our beautiful and deserted beach, we gratefully hop into the air-conditioned comfort of our taxi van as we are transported back to the dock. Janneke, Adrie and Lucy take the first available tender back to the ship, while Ilona and I wonder off into town searching for an Internet Cafe. Since we have left San Diego, Internet access has not been possible on board, so it is good to be able to let the home front on the other side of the world know that we are still alive. Ilona and I are back on board by 5:30 PM, and run into Lucy on one of the aft decks. Together, we watch the spectacular sunset over Cabo.

Janneke and the Sea

Pelican - Cabo wildlife

Cabo San Lucas

At 7:00 PM, Radiance makes a sharp turn to starboard and heads for the Pacific Ocean. We have three consecutive sea days to look forward to, but right now it's time to turn our attention to ShowTime! For some reason, most 2nd seating shows on this cruise are scheduled before dinner, which in my opinion is less desirable and causes us to miss out on many of the performances. But tonight we make it in time to the Aurora Theater for the first of two production shows, "Welcome to our World". Staged very professionally by the Royal Caribbean Singers & Dancers, the overall result is quite impressive. While Janneke stays in the cabin recuperating from her time ashore, Adrie, Lucy, Ilona and I enjoy a perfect dinner in the Cascades Dining Room. After dinner, Ilona, Lucy and myself head up to the Viking Crown Lounge where the Cruise Staff are staging a "60's and 70's Flashback".

First look at Cabo

Famous Los Arcos

Radiance of the Seas at anchor - enormous!
Santa Maria Beach, Cabo San Lucas
Radiance of the Seas seen from the tender dock
Sunset over Cabo... Ah...


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